Your Coach Hakim

Who is Coach Hakim...

Coach Hakim is a Certified Life Coach and Mentor with over 40 years of experience, and counting!

Coach Hakim
taught computer science and ran computer labs in the New York Board of Education. Hakim currently teaches online classes and courses and has taught over 100 classes online.

Coach Hakim is also the author of 17 books and has lectured and taught all across the United States.

Hakim it the creator and founder of Matrix-Five Virtual World. Matrix-Five is a virtual world where the members and guest log in via a viewer and into their avatar/character used to operate inside of Matrix-Five. Inside Matrix-Five Virtual World we have a learning academy and campus, movies theaters, game arcade, shopping malls, homes, and much more!

Hakim also created a L.M.S. (Learning Management System) which works with Matrix-Five Virtual World and is based on the “Gamification of Education” book Coach Hakim wrote (Summer 2021).

Hakim has, and is doing many more things but currently his main focus currently is teaching, coaching, consultation, inventing and creating.

Private 1 on 1 Coaching / Mentoring

Private 1 on 1 coaching, mentoring, teaching and consultation. I have found that private 1 on 1 session are very productive and fruitful. When I work with people 1 on1 and in private, I notice our sessions are very productive, often times beyond expectation.  We can discuss any topic openly, candidly and productively!

Book a Session on Any Topic!

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