Virtual Class Trip to Metaverse-5 Arcade

Virtual Class Trip to Metaverse-5 Arcade

Virtual Class Trip to the Metaverse

The virtual class trip to the Metaverse-5 Arcade is an arcade in Metaverse-5 virtual world is where students can experience a virtual trip where they log their avatars in the virtual world to play and enjoy over 100 games, movies, as well as learn, discover and explore!

A Virtual Class Trip is Safe!

A virtual class trip is the safest trip on earth!. Why take your class on a trip  out of the school building or home and risk someone getting lost, hurt, etc. Your students can take a trip to the Matrix-Five Virtual Arcade & Amusement Park and where they can choose from over 100 games and activities to enjoy without ever leaving the school building.

All they have to do is create an avatar and login and they are in a virtual world in which they can walk, talk, fly, instantly teleport anywhere and socially interact with their classmates.

Virtual Class Trip as a Reward!

As a reward for doing their work, students can play video games, watch movies, form groups and clubs, talk with their classmates, enjoy our art exhibits, make music, play music, dance, perform, learn, race cars, explore, and much more!

Best of all a virtual class trip is very economical and you can start right away! It is only $97 for 1 hour of play for 1-30 students. For a class/group of 20 students that amounts to just below $5 per child. Homeschoolers can coordinate with other homeschoolers and take advantage of this group rate!