World Fair & International Expo 2022

Vendor & Exhibitor Space Rental

Vend /Exhibit in our World Fair & International Expo 2022

Your vending space in Metaverse-5 allows you to engage and communicate with your customers on a new level by allowing you to, meet your customers, talk to your customers, socially interact, give presentations to your customers, and show them the latest products, etc.

  • Each vendor measures 24ft. X 24ft. X 12ft.!
  • $25 for the whole weekend (Saturday and Sunday)!
  • FREE Display and Kiosks to set your products & services on!
  • Your products & Services can be purchased by people while in their avatar in the metaverse.¬† The displays your products/services are on can transact real business in real-time with real money (credit or debit card)!
  • Your vending setup can sell your goods and services, as well as, give out your business cards, info, and promotional materials even when you are not there!
  • Your vending setup can also collect names and emails for your list building!
  • and more…

Vending Space Number Map

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From: $25.00 / week


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