World Fair & International Expo 2022

Occoulia II Course

Course Content

Class #1:
Introduction and Update – Programming in 8 Dimensions.

Class #2: The Fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil and the Nature of Matrix-Four, the Realm of Flesh (ROF), the Plane of Things Made Manifest.

Class #3: The Plane of Soul – Realm of Dreams (POS-ROD) and the Nature of Metaverse-5.

Class #4: The Portal / Doorway – Death and Dying, Near Death Experiences (NDEs).

Class #5: Seraphim, Cherubim, Guardian Angels, Anti-Virus and Protection Programs.

Class #6: Divination – Picking and Choosing Timelines – The Butterfly Effect in Reverse.

Class #7: Program/Task Manager – Mastering Your Mind and your Reality.

Class #8: Control Panel and Device Manager – Managing Your Life and Avatar (Body) in Matrix-Four (The Realm of Flesh).

Class #9: Creating Your eternal Paradise While Here on Earth in the Flesh.


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