World Fair & International Expo 2022

Metaverse Art Gallery in a Box

Is Your Business in the Metaverse Yet?

Get your business in the metaverse vending, selling, exhibiting your products and services at the Metaverse-5 Fair & Expo 2022! This Fair & Expo will be held beginning Saturday, August 27, 2022. This Fair & Expo will have national /  international vendors and customers. For the first 100 businesses / vendors, vendor retail spaces are only $25 for the whole weekend!

We Do Everything For You!



Features & Benefits


  • Online Store in M5 Marketplace!

  • Vendor Space / Store in the Metaverse-5 Weekend Fair & Expo (only $25/Weekend!

  • Free Avatar!

  • Affiliate Commissions!

  • Affiliate Marketing!

  • Deluxe Vendor Display with Zoom-in!

  • FREE! Classes Every Wednesday!

  • Autopilot – Store Can Sell Even When You’re Not There!

  • No Merchant Account Needed!

  • 24 Products/Services to Start – Only $3 Each Additional!

  • Eligible for a Store Rental!

  • Eligible for a House Rental!

    No limit on the Spaces, Stores, and Homes You Can Rent!

  • Networking, Joint Ventures. Collaboration. Share Ideas, etc.!

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