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Step 1: Register Here:

Step 2: Avatar Setup & Onboarding Here:

Step 3: Select and rent your house parcel (see below)

Step 4: Select your vendor/exhibit space.

Vendor exhibitor space is FREE for Home renters. Upon rental you will receive a coupon and a link for your free vendor exhibitor space rental.


Step 5: Start attending the weekly “M5 Technology & Content Creator Course Here:


We have currently two communities to choose from:

1. The “Mainland 1 Community”

2. The “Executive Row 1” Community

Parcel Map

“Mainland 1”

Parcels for Rent

“Executive Row 1”

NFT Parcels for Sale

Executive Row will become a known location filled with an array of CEOs with thriving businesses to serve our community!
There will be an online network collective DIRECTORY (to come) that showcases all the types of businesses and your hours of operation.  You will have the ability to share your website and add a description of your products & services.  There will be a monthly eNewsletter to spotlight CEO businesses with the premise that we all use the 1st floor to conduct commerce and the 2nd level may be optioned to do what works for you (more business space or residential)!  

Ideas are welcomed by sharing with 
Pamela McKinney @ or (470) 385-8820
I look forward to building a great community in support of CEOs 

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