Secret of Secrets: Reality is Programmable!

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This book is about the revelation of OCCOULIA to me during vision quests from 2007 to 2014. OCCOULIA is something that I know will be of great benefit to man. What was revealed to me named itself OCCOULIA, which is a philosophy, paradigm, and a programming language used to program what we call “reality”… (see more below)


This book is about the revelation of OCCOULIA, the lead up to the revelation, what is OCCOULIA, and a vision of a new world based on the paradigm and philosophy of OCCOULIA.

Thus, this book is divided into three (3) main parts:

1.The Vision Quest, the Revelation of OCCOULIA, and Matrix-Five…

2.What is OCCOULIA? The OCCOULIA Paradigm, Philosophy and the OCCOULIA programming language (construct) itself.

3.A Vision of New Possibilities and a New World!

In the first part of this book, I will give a little of the back story and context that eventually led to me writing this book. It is not mandatory that you read this part of the book, but I strongly advise that you read it not only for context but because many of you may relate to what this book is about. Many of you who are drawn to this book and subject matter are like me, what I refer to as a “Moorpheus” and/or a “Neotype”.

Briefly, “Moorpheus” and “Neotype” are titles I created for the two types or stages in the changes that will soon affect the world. A “Neotype” is the title given to a person who feels somewhat out of place and like they do not fit into the 9-5, organized religion, organized science matrix.

Neotypes sense that they have greater powers and greater purpose than what they have been taught, but it is obscured by the prevailing consensus reality, and thus they are searching for who they really are, and what their purpose is. Neotypes almost always feel as if they have a special purpose and often feel that they are not fulfilling that purpose nor manifesting their full potential.

Neotypes also feel that not only can they change/save the world, but they feel it is their duty to change/save the world. If you feel this way, you are a “Neotype” and this book may hold the answers, you seek, and how to discover your true purpose and unleash you full power and potential. This book is for you and will surely change your life as well as put you in contact with a line of study and a group of other “Neotypes” from around the world. You are not alone! *

A “Moorpheus” is one who seeks out “Neotypes” in order to start them solidly on the path of fulfilling their role in the world changes that must take place. A “Moorpheus” first empathizes with the “Neotype” because he/she has already passed through the “Neotype” stage, and then begins to teach and train the “Neotype” in OCCOULIA.

The OCCOULIA course of study takes place in the newly created OCCOULIA University where the “Neotype” learns both the OCCOULIA programming language and philosophy. This will not only put the “Neotype” in contact with others of like mind, but will give them the knowledge and tools they need to discover self, purpose. The practice of OCCOULIA will also increase a Neotype’s ability to fulfill their duty of changing their own world and thus change the world at large.

I am searching for you “Neotypes”, and I have created OCCOULIA University just for you!