"60's Mandala" Tune Earth Meditation Music

Tune Yourself To The Earth’s Natural Frequency -The Earth’s Natural Resonant Frequency Is 8 Hz (7.83 Hz). This Frequency Is Also Known As The Schumann Resonance.

The earth’s frequency or Schumann resonance has existed since the earth’s beginning (billions o)f years! Earth’s alpha frequency is the optimal frequency for health, happiness, peace & prosperity! Science and research have shown that the Schumann resonance/earth frequency is the same as the human brain’s alpha frequency. When your brainwaves are in an alpha frequency state, you are relaxed, peaceful, less stressed, and thus healthier and more prone to prosperity!




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This music has embedded in it the 8 Hz alpha earth frequency (a.k.a. the Schumann Resonance). This will put you in touch with the earth, nature, and the very core of your soul via the “Limbic System”

Our “Relaxation Meditation Music Videos”

This meditation video can also be used as meditation music for kids and meditation music for healing oneself. As mentioned below the earth’s frequency (Schumann Resonance) is 8 Hz, which is the same as the human alpha brainwave frequency. This frequency has been shown by science to be very relaxing and relieves stress. It is also optimal for health, tuning into nature, and activating E.S.P. and psychic powers. Also, when spiritual healers’ brainwaves were measured, they measured at 8hz alpha, the earth’s base frequency (Schumann Resonance).

All of our “Relaxation Meditation Music Videos” are embedded with the 8hz alpha earth frequency (Schumann Resonance) in three different ways using my (Hakim H. Y. Bey) patent (pending) method, and are weaved into the music in such s way that is barely perceptible by the human ear but the human mind perceives it very well!

Just by listening to our “Relaxation Meditation Music Videos”, the brain is entrained and vibrates at a frequency in resonance with the 8 Hz earth frequency. This alpha brainwave frequency is very relaxing and healthy and is the perfect environment in which to program and re-program yourself. (see http://occoulia.com)

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Our “Relaxation Meditation Music Videos” are all full HD 1080p and produced with studio-quality audio! I produce all of these “Relaxation Meditation Music Videos” and do not subcontract out or have these “Relaxation Meditation Music Videos” produced by Fiverr or any other third party. Writing the books I’ve written on the subject and the production of this music is my passion!!!

Thank you for listening to and viewing our “Relaxation Meditation Music Videos”, I have put hundreds of hours of research and dedication into producing these, and I hope you find my offering acceptable and enjoyable.

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