Executive Row Community

Own a Piece of the Metaverse! Create Your Own Self-Governing Micro-Community in the Metaverse Now!

Come and join us by purchasing your own piece of the metaverse (NFT Parcel) on which you will have your own home/business, gallery, etc.

From your NFT Parcel in Metaverse-5, you can turn your creations into NFTs which can be then sold in your “in-world” metaverse store, gallery, office, etc.! Your NFTs can also be sold in your “out-world” website marketplace store.

Also, your customers can buy your NFTs using a regular debit/credit card and do not have to buy cryptocurrency first in order to buy your NFTs. There are many more utilities that come with your NFT Parcel (see below).

Metaverse-5 NFT Parcel Utilities

  • Ownership of a piece of the Metaverse
  • Investment
  • Affiliate Program
  • Passive Income
  • Mint and sell your own NFTs in our marketplace!
  • Customers can purchase your NFTs with any credit/debit card, Paypal, etc. No need to buy cryptocurrency!
  • Ground Floor Front Row to the Metaverse
  • Community Creation
  • Events
  • Governance
  • Avoid pandemic shutdowns, closures, quarantines
  • Free social interaction with others, no social distancing, masks, or other social restrictions
  • Become a content creator in the metaverse and its virtual economy
  • On your NFT Parcels, you can create; stores, offices, classrooms, businesses, art galleries, theaters, agencies, organizations, lounges, venues, meditation rooms, and more!
  • Build your own micro-community in the metaverse!
  • Network with other
  • Learn about blockchain, crypto, NFTs, web3, etc
  • Participate in joint ventures
  • Advance private notifications of
Metaverse-5 NFT drops before the public

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