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Micro-Community Request Form

this is a request of the community to become a “citizen” of that micro-community and locate the parcel you purchased in that micro-community. You will receive a response via e-mail.



Step 1:
Register for an Account & Avatar


Register for a Metaverse-5 virtual world account here: HERE

Step 2:

Download & Install the Viewer

Download and install the viewer: Windows / Mac

Step 3: Configure the Viewer & Login

Open the viewer
that you installed and press “Viewer” in the upper left corner, then press “Preferences

When the box opens up

, on the left side press “Opensim

Copy” and paste it in where it says “Add new grid “, then press “Apply

Once “Metaverse-5 “appears and the other lines are filled in, then press “OK

You are now ready to log in!



Type your first name, then 1 space, and then your last name. Use the first and last name from your registration!

Type the password you input when you registered.

Set to “Main-1


At this point stop and schedule your LIVE Onboarding

Schedule Below

Please allow the booking module a moment to load

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At this point, you can view tutorials now or after you log into Metaverse-5.

How to set up voice, modify avatar, etc

Last Step – Enter Your Crypto Wallet Address

If you have problems with this step, do not worry, we will help you during the onboarding and minting of your NFT Parcel!

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Install & Setup Crypto Wallet

If you do not already have a crypto wallet many people use Metamask. See below for how to get a Metamask Wallet. Again, if you have any problems, don’t worry, we will help you!

  1. Metamask can be downloaded here: (get the chrome extension!)

  2. Once installed you need to connect it to the Polygon network to receive, see and store your NFT.

    Open Metamask

    and press the network dropdown box at the top:

    Then Press “Add Network”

    You will see this page open up:

    This is the information you put in:

Influencer/Creator Database