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What is Occoulia - Secret of Secrets

Occoulia is a system of self-mastery through knowledge of self and the programming of self  by the application of the 8 components of Occoulia and the principles of Occoulia as taught in the Occoulia Courses and FREE “Secret of Secrets” book.

FREE Book - "Secret of Secrets"

This book is about the revelation of OCCOULIA to me during vision quests from 2007 to 2014. OCCOULIA is something that I know will be of great benefit to man. What was revealed to me named itself OCCOULIA, which is a philosophy, paradigm, and a programming language used to program what we call “reality”.

Occoulia Courses

Below you find the two Occoulia couses; Occoulia I, and Occoulia II. Occoulia I introduces you to Occoulia, it’s 8 components and how they are utilize to program self and reality.


1000 Streams – Tune Earth Frequency 8 Hz. (Schumann ) Module

Tune Yourself to the Earth’s Natural Frequency 
 The earth’s natural resonant frequency is 8 Hz (7.83 Hz). Also Known as the Schumann Resonance.

It Has Been in Existence for Billions of Years! Page 67 of 120 Earth’s Alpha Frequency is the Optimal Frequency For Health, Happiness, Peace & Prosperity! Science has shown that the Schumann Resonance / Earth Frequency is the same as the human brain’s alpha frequency.

When your brainwaves are in an alpha frequency state, you are relaxed, peaceful, less stressed, and thus healthier and more prone to prosperity! Tune Into The Earth’s Frequency in Just 9 Minutes

These kits contain everything you need to tune into the earth’s natural resonant frequency in just 9 minutes. All you have to do is just listen!


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Occoulia Meditations

These mindful meditations mp3s contain isochronic alpha brainwave entrainment frequencies.  Brainwave entrainment frequencies are frequencies that entrain or induce the brain to vibrate in resonance (sync) with it when listened to. In other words, by just listening to sounds with a frequency of 8 Hz your brainwave will begin to match and vibrate at the same frequency!

With regard to this meditation track, the brainwave frequency we use is 10 Hz. This frequency falls within the alpha brainwave frequency range (8-12 Hz). 10 Hz is an alpha brainwave frequency.

“Good healthy alpha production promotes mental resourcefulness, aids in the ability to mentally coordinate, enhance the overall sense of relaxation, and fatigue. In this state, you can move quickly and efficiently to accomplish whatever task is at hand.”

The frequency is embedded and blended with the music producing a relaxed but aware state of mind which is perfect for meditation and self-programming the subconscious mind!

Occoulia Sigil Creator Deluxe Collection

Sigil Creators are used to create programs or sigils/scripts used to program/reprogram yourself in Occoulia. It is based in PowerPoint and uses the 8 characters of the Occoulia “Alpha-Bit”. It is used to create a sigil that programs and reprograms the subconscious mind on sight. Sigils are a sort of “machine code language” for the subconscious mind in Occoulia! Click image for more information on sigils!

Occoulia Private 1 on 1 Coaching

If you ever need private coaching or mentoring on the course or on any topic, book a private 1 on 1 session below!

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