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The Metaverse-5 Fair & Expo
is an international gathering of vendors, exhibitors, and content creators who will be:

  • Vending/selling their goods and services and metaverse content creations
  • Exhibiting their creations, inventions, books, research, metaverse content creations, etc.

Metaverse-5 will host the Metaverse-5 Fair & Expo and you can get a free Metaverse-5 account & avatar to attend the Fair & Expo every weekend. Register here.


What is inside Metaverse-5?

Inside Metaverse-5 we have movie theaters, malls, stores, parks, concert regions, open-mic & performance stages, university campuses, homes, conference & meeting centers, undersea worlds, group meditation areas, art galleries, roller skating rinks, bumper cars, interspersed with vendor spaces, as well as, exhibition spaces, and more!


What can your Avatar do?

Your avatar can talk with other people (avatars) in Metaverse-5. Your avatar can walk, run, fly, and instantly teleport to anywhere in Metaverse-5. Your avatar’s appearance and clothes can be customized by you and can also create and join groups/clubs. Your avatar will have a profile and can chat with anyone in any language, making language no barrier to communication and social interaction with the people, vendors, exhibitors, and content creators we will be bringing from around the world!


When is the Metaverse-5 Fair & Expo?

The Metaverse-5 Fair & Expo will officially launch Saturday, August 27, 2022, and will be every weekend from 12 PM EST – 9 PM EST.

FREE Admission: General Admission is FREE. Paid events and activities are a separate fee which will be posted on the Events & Activities page.

The general public will be able to register & onboard themselves and will be able to attend every weekend.


What types of Events & Activities will be happening in Metaverse-5?

Here is a non-exhaustive list of some of the events and activities we have planned for the Metaverse-5 Fair & Expo”


  1. Marketplace, shopping mall, Flea Market, Shoppes
  2. Game Arcade, Rides, Car Racing
  3. Course and Classes
  4. Seminars and Workshops
  5. Concerts and Performances
  6. Open Shared Workspaces
  7. Networking
  8. Kiosks: Information, Promotional, Vending
  9. Musical Chill-out Lounges
  10. Meetings
  11. Clubs
  12. Offices
  13. Parties
  14. Virtual Trips
  15. Learning / Tutoring Stations
  16. Movies and Movie Stations
  17. Music and Listening Stations
  18. Meditation Spaces
  19. Story Telling
  20. Libraries
  21. Art Galleries
  22. Showcases
  23. Smart Ad Displays and Billboards
  24. Self-guided Tours
  25. Mastermind Sessions
  26. Roller Skating
  27. Talent Show/Search

Do your own attraction, event, or activity. As a Resident Content Creator, you have full access to Metaverse5’s public building, facilities, and resources!

Any Ideas? If you have an idea for an event or activity in Metaverse-5 World Fair & International Expo 2022, please get in touch with us!



What are the 3 types of accounts or Metaverse-5 Memberships?


  1. FREE Account

  • Vendor Exhibitor Account

  • Resident Content Creator Account


How do I become a Vendor/Exhibitor and Resident/Content Creator at the Metaverse-5 Fair & Expo?


  1. FREE Account – FREE, Go here

  2. Vendor Exhibitor Account $25/weekend, Go here

  3. Resident Content Creator Account $50/week, Go here


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