Metaverse-5 City

Metaverse-5 City Places

Visit and rent/own (NFT) homes, stores, offices, entertainment venues, and more. Over 1,200 retail, professional and entertainment spaces available! Below some of the various locations to visit and teleport to!

Indoor Mall & Activity Center

The Mainland Community

Executive Row Community

Art Park 1

Art Park 2

Outdoor Mall 1

Outdoor Mall 2

Outdoor Mall 3

Outdoor Mall 4

Member Center

Business Center

Academy Dorms

Orientation Module

Conference Center

Technology Building

Recreation Area



Meeting Building

Creator Center

Education Center

Scenic Overlook

Main Lounge


Luxury Yacht

Roller Skating

Ice Skating

Lounge 1

Lounge 2

Lounge 3

Football Field

Scenic Campfire

Tour Region

Metaverse-5 City Use Cases

This is a list of use cases for Metaverse-5. We ill add more use cases on a regular bases and as new use cases are created, Below this list we plan to post venues with each venues details and ‘specs’.

1. Education and training:
Educators and trainers can use Opensimulator to create immersive learning environments, host virtual classes, and simulate real-world scenarios for teaching various subjects and skills.

2. Business and collaboration:
Companies can use Opensimulator for team building, remote work, virtual meetings, product demonstrations, and customer support, providing a cost-effective and interactive alternative to physical gatherings.

3. Research and development:
Researchers can use Opensimulator for creating simulations, modeling complex systems, and conducting experiments in a controlled virtual environment.

4. Urban planning and architecture:
Urban planners and architects can use Opensimulator to create and visualize 3D models of buildings, infrastructure, and entire cities for better decision-making and stakeholder engagement.

5. Healthcare and therapy:
Medical professionals and therapists can use Opensimulator to simulate medical procedures, offer virtual consultations, and provide support groups or therapy sessions in a secure and accessible virtual space.

6. Art and design:
Artists and designers can use Opensimulator to create and showcase their work in virtual galleries, collaborate on projects, and experiment with new artistic techniques.

7. Entertainment and gaming:
Game developers and event organizers can use Opensimulator to create engaging virtual experiences, including games, social events, concerts, and more.

8. Social interaction and community building:
Users can use Opensimulator to create and join virtual communities based on shared interests, facilitating connections and friendships across geographical boundaries.

9. Marketing and advertising:
Businesses can use Opensimulator to create immersive and interactive marketing campaigns, product launches, and promotional events, reaching a global audience.

10. Environmental and sustainability modeling:
Environmentalists and conservationists can use Opensimulator to simulate ecosystems, model climate change scenarios, and raise awareness about environmental issues.

11. Virtual tourism and cultural preservation:
Travel enthusiasts and cultural institutions can use Opensimulator to recreate and explore real-world locations or historical sites, offering virtual experiences and preserving cultural heritage.

12. Fashion and retail:
Fashion designers and retailers can use Opensimulator to showcase their collections, host virtual fashion shows, and offer an interactive shopping experience.

13. Emergency preparedness and crisis management:
Governments and organizations can use Opensimulator to simulate disaster scenarios, train emergency response teams, and develop effective crisis management strategies.

14. Accessibility and inclusion:
Opensimulator can be used to create accessible and inclusive virtual spaces for people with disabilities, providing an opportunity for social interaction and participation in activities that may be challenging in the physical world.

15. Personal expression and creativity:
Individuals can use Opensimulator to express themselves through avatar customization, storytelling, and world-building, fostering personal growth and creativity.