Matrix-Five Virtual World

Matrix-Five Virtual World and Arcade is so much like the world we live in that sometimes when I describe it to people ask me “is this real”? Let me try to describe it now, you may ask the same question, lol

In Matrix-Five Virtual World and Arcade, each person gets an avatar which they can design and configure to look just like them or any way they want. They navigate, function, and do things in the virtual world via their avatar.

Their avatar has various powers and abilities in the virtual world such as the ability to fly, swim underwater, and instantly teleport to any region of the virtual world!

Matrix-Five Virtual World and Arcade can be populated by many avatars (people) at the same time, and these avatars/people can be anywhere in the world. No matter where the avatar/people are from in the world, when they log in via their viewer, they will all meet in the same place (Matrix-Five Virtual World and Arcade).

Real-time Inter-action

Once logged into Matrix-Five Virtual World and Arcade they will all be ab;e to see each other, talk to each other, learn together, work together, play games together,  see and experience what the other avatars see and experience.

In Matrix-Five Virtual World and Arcade, they can enjoy via their avatar many of the things they enjoy in the world they live in. We have arcades with various games they can play in real-time. Some of the games are life-size with game boards on the ground which are played while flying/hovering above the game board.

Movie Theaters, Arcades, Rooms, Homes, Shopping Malls, etc.

Matrix-Five Virtual World and Arcades has movie theaters in which you can enter into (via your avatar) sit down, and watch a movie (or play a game) on a large screen. We have classrooms, meeting buildings/rooms, homes. meditation rooms in the sky!. We have shopping malls with stores you walk into and buy products and services in real-time, with real money without leaving the store!

Figure 1: If you have a home in Matrix-Five you will be able to be a content creator for Matrix-Five!

9-Region University Campus

We have a 9-region University Campus, which is very beautiful with many buildings and beautiful tree line landscaping. It also has a min building with a large auditorium. It has a large 3-story recreation building. In the back of the recreation building is a duck-filled lake and pool. There are also campsites with campfires, etc. The campus is surrounded by a boardwalk and the scenery is breathtaking.

The Arcade

The arcades in Matrix-Five Virtual World and Arcade can be used by teachers as a class reward for doing their work each day. As part of the teachers’ gamification of the classroom, students can be given points every day for classwork completion. Those who complete all their work each day will accumulate enough points to redeem them for a class trip to the Matrix-Five Virtual World and Arcade to play the various arcades games and virtual world games as a reward for their completed work. They can play any game in Matrix-Five Virtual World and Arcade as well as explore, read, create clubs, and so much more! This is just an example of how a virtual world and arcade can be used as a reward and incentive in a gamified learning system (VLE)!

The M5 Learning Academy

The 9-Region University Campus is home of the M5 Learning Academy in which we plan and set up and map out various learning plans with teachers, schools, school districts, educators, etc will be utilizing Matrix-Five Virtual World as part of their curriculums and educational goals.

The M5 Learning Academy furnishes all of its students with their own private dorm rooms each containing a flat-screen through which their class, lesson, quizzes, and student dashboards are delivered into their dorm room.

Each dorm room and screen are configured and customized for the student’s classes and learning. They even get their own key-code to their dorm rooms! Live classes and presentations via zoom can also be delivered to their screens, as well as leaderboards, games, books, etc.

These are just a small example of what we have in Matrix-Five Virtual World, there is so much more! The main purpose of these examples is to give you a visual example of what a virtual world is like. In the Matrix-Five Virtual World, we have many different worlds and environments which teachers can make a part of their learning environment. Virtual worlds can engage and motivate students on a deeper level, especially in conjunction with a storyline.

Virtual worlds can be integrated with the teacher’s classroom, school, or school district, giving them an extra platform for students, teachers and parents can meet and interact. Events can be given and attended in the virtual world from home, classrooms, after-school programs, youth programs, summer programs, etc.

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