M5 Virtual World

Matrix-Five Virtual World and Arcade is so much like the world we live in that sometimes when I describe it to people ask me “is this real”? Let me try to describe it now, you may ask the same question, lol

In Matrix-Five Virtual World and Arcade, each person gets an avatar which they can design and configure to look just like them or any way they want. They navigate, function, and do things in the virtual world via their avatar.

Their avatar has various powers and abilities in the virtual world such as the ability to fly, swim underwater, and instantly teleport to any region of the virtual world!

Matrix-Five Virtual World and Arcade can be populated by many avatars (people) at the same time, and these avatars/people can be anywhere in the world. No matter where the avatar/people are from in the world, when they log in via their viewer, they will all meet in the same place (Matrix-Five Virtual World and Arcade).

Real-time Inter-action

Once logged into Matrix-Five Virtual World and Arcade they will all be ab;e to see each other, talk to each other, learn together, work together, play games together,  see and experience what the other avatars see and experience.

In Matrix-Five Virtual World and Arcade, they can enjoy via their avatar many of the things they enjoy in the world they live in. We have arcades with various games they can play in real-time. Some of the games are life-size with game boards on the ground which are played while flying/hovering above the game board.

Movie Theaters, Arcades, Rooms, Homes, Shopping Malls, etc.


Take Your Class on a Virtual Trip

To the Matrix-Five Virtual Arcade & Playground!

The safest trip on the planet. Why take your students out of the school building or home and risk someone getting lost, hurt, etc. Your students can take a trip to the Matrix-Five Virtual Arcade & Amusement Park and where they can choose from over 100 games and activities to enjoy without ever leaving the school building.

All they have to do is create an avatar and login and they are in a virtual world in which they can walk, talk, fly, instantly teleport anywhere and socially interact with their classmates. 

As a reward for doing their work, students can play video games, watch movies, form groups and clubs, talk with their classmates, enjoy our art exhibits, make music, play music, dance, perform, learn, race cars, explore, and much more!

Best of all it is very economical and you can start right away! It is only $97 for 1 hour of play for 1-30 students. For a class/group of 20 students that amounts to just below $5 per child. Homeschoolers can coordinate with other homeschoolers and take advantage of this group rate!

Virtual Arcade Class/Group Trip

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Visit Our M5 Marketplace

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Stores and Homes

Create your own business by getting a virtual storefront in our virtual marketplace and shopping mall. Also get a home in M5 Virtual world and create content in M5 world for yourself or for sale/trade!


Entertainment & Events

Enjoy our entertainment and events, as well as put on your own entertainment and vents in M5 Virtual Website


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