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M5 Onboarding Page

Avatar Registration in 3 Easy Steps!


Basic Requirements:

  • Windows or Mac device
  • 4+ GB Ram (recommended)
  • 50+ GB Memory (recommended)
  • Headset with mic (recommended)
  • Mouse with middle wheel or button (recommended)

Complete the 3 steps below and schedule below for a LIVE onboarding!

NOTE: If you have any problems or get stuck on any of the steps, we will help you during the LIVE onboarding!

Step 1:
Register for an Account & Avatar


Register for a Metaverse-5 virtual world account here: HERE

Step 2:
Download & Install the Viewer

Download and install the viewer: Windows / Mac

Step 3:
Configure the Viewer & Login

Open the viewer
that you installed and press “Viewer” in the upper left corner, then press “Preferences

When the box opens up

, on the left side press “Opensim

Copy” and paste it in where it says “Add new grid “, then press “Apply

Once “Metaverse-5 “appears and the other lines are filled in,  then press “OK

You are now ready to log in!


That’s It! You’re All Set!

NOTE: You will be able to log in on Saturday and Sunday from 1 PM EST – 9 PM EST.. Vendors can also log in at 7 PM EST – 10 PM EST.

If you need any help logging in
Attend the LIVE Onboarding

Every Saturday and Sunday at 3 PM EST Sharp! (if you come 5 minutes late you will not be able to get in!)

 At 3 PM EST (Sat or Sun)

Go Here: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/4433729822



At this point, you can view tutorials now or after you log into Metaverse-5.


Heads up! If you want to advance ahead, view these tutorials on how to set up voice, modify avatar, etc

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