Metaverse-5 Fair &  Expo
Grand Opening August 27, 2022 

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Clubs, Groups, Organizations, Networks Co-ops

Clubs, groups, organizations, religions, associations, etc may utilize many of our facilities for private use and meetings for only $25 for the weekend (up 4 hours on Saturday and 4 hours on Sunday). We also have various tools that can be used to facilitate and enhance your meetings and private use.

We are looking for and Welcome…

Looking for… We welcome all artists, musicians, performing artists, writers, photographers, videographers, poets, scientists, inventors, teachers, entrepreneurs, businesses, organizations, religious bodies, etc. Whatever your purpose or niche, please contact us so that we may get you involved in Metaverse-5 World Fair & International Expo 2022

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Teachers, Homeschoolers & Tutors

We welcome teachers, homeschoolers, and tutors to utilize the Metaverse-5 Educational Campus, Arcade, and Gamified Learning Management Systems. Teachers, homeschoolers, and tutors can improve student engagement, interest, and motivation by teaching them in a virtual world/metaverse environment very similar to the games they all play and love. Metaverse-5 offers a similar environment to many video games. /the difference is that the student has more control over their avatars (characters), movements, and behavior. They can also talk, chat, collaborate, and socially interact with the teacher and other students. There are also many more things students can do in Metaverse-5, but cannot do in video games.

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