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100 Vendor Exhibitor Campaign

The first 100 vendor/exhibitors
can rent vendor/exhibitor space in the Metaverse-5 Fair & Expo for only $25 / weekend. This price will be ‘grandfathered’ meaning you fee will never ever go up!

The first 100 vendor/exhibitors
will also be able to attend our Metaverse-5 Development and Content Course for free/donation!

We welcome and invite vendors and exhibitors to set up booths, kiosks, tables, and displays to sell and promote their products and services.  Exhibitors are those individuals and/or groups that want to exhibit some new invention, technology, way of doing things, information, etc.

Vending / Exhibition space is only $25 for the whole weekend, both Saturday and Sunday. The standard vending space is 24ft. x 24ft. and 12 ft. high. Tables, kiosks, and displays are free. Store spaces are also available.

We train vendors & Exhibitors
how to set up their vending spaces and how to put their products and service on display.

Vendors can transact real business in real-time, with real money, even when they are not present (billboards and automated vending machines see below).

Vendors can also talk with their customers, assist them, answer their questions, and even do presentations.

Billboards and Automated Vending Machines

We also rent our proprietary billboards which also function as automated vending machines that can sell your products and services even if you are not present. This is the perfect solution for those whose schedules or other circumstances do not permit them to be present at their vending setup.

Customers can get information watch video promos/presentations, and can purchase any product or service offered by the vendor on their own without the owner present!


No Website nor Merchant Account Needed to be a Vendor!

Metaverse-5 has its own marketplace called the M5 Marketplace. The M5 Marketplace has multiple vendors who have their own store /storefront in the mall on the website, and all the products in their online store can also be sold via their vending space/store inside the metaverse!

Thus no website, nor ability to accept credit card orders is needed. We take care of the website and charging the customer and only receive a 10% commission on sales made by the M5 Marketplace!


If You Have Your Own Website or Affiliate Landing Pages

If you have your own website or affiliate landing pages, you can vend these goods and services, and keep 100% of whatever sales you make selling your own or affiliate products and services!

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