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World Fair & International Expo 2022

World Fair & International Expo 2022

World’s fair

world’s fair, also known as a universal exhibition or an expo, is a large international exhibition designed to showcase the achievements of nations.[1]

The Metaverse-5 World Fair & International Expo 2022 is the first World Fair & International Expo ever held in the metaverse! This fair and expo is open to all people of all ages and will be every Saturday and Sunday from 1-9 PM EST.

Every Weekend (Saturday & Sunday) 1 PM – 8 PM EST.

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All Ages

Vendor / Kiosk Space:

Billboard / Automated Vending Machine
: $25/Weekend

Home / Shoppe Rental:

Teacher / Homeschooler Campus & Arcade Rental:

Club, Group, Organization, Co-op, Association Rental
: $25/Weekend

[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World%27s_fair

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