Emergency Remote Learning System Setup

Looking at what has happened in education from approximately March 2020 – June 2021 has made me realize the need for a Remote Learning System (RLS). A Remote Learning System is one-half of a Blended Learning System (BLS). The other half, of course, is in-person learning.

A Remote Learning System (RLS) a
llows teachers and schools to deliver course, class, and educational material to students digitally and via the internet to any remote location, and to any device. The teacher can deliver coursework, as well as administer quizzes, tests, and assignments to the students. Both the teacher and the students have a dashboard where they can keep track of their status and progress. There are also many other features of a Remote Learning System (RLS).

This school year (2021/22) is already of to a rocky start with over 1,000 schools in 31 states closed due to the sharp spike in  “Delta-Variant”, Covid-19 cases. The Northeast is just starting their school year and there are bound to be school closures there too. There are also other variants of Covid-19 waiting in the wings as well (“Lambda”, the South African variant, etc.).

Thus there will most likely be many more school closings during the school year 2021/22. Seeing what is about to unfold, it would be sensible for the principals of schools and teachers to implement a Remote Learning System (RLS).

Based on my 25+ years of teaching and working with computers and the internet, I have put together a stream-lined Remote Learning System (RLS) which can be set up in any school in as little as four (4) weeks.

This Remote Learning System (RLS)  can be set up for every teacher and the teachers can be trained how to integrate and use this system and as little as four (4) weeks as well. I also offer ongoing support as well.

If you are interested in implementing an Emergency Remote Learning System (RLS) in your school, or if you have questions and would like to find out more, you can book a free consultation below.

Emergency Remote Learning System Setup

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