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Course Outline:

Class 1: Introduction to Metaverse-5

  • Introduction to OpenSimulator: History and Uses
  • Installing OpenSimulator and Necessary Tools
  • Understanding the User Interface

Class 2: Navigation and Basic Commands

  • Learning to Navigate in OpenSimulator
  • Understanding Basic Commands
  • User Interface Deep Dive

Class 3: Introduction to Building

  • Understanding the Basics of Building in OpenSimulator
  • Creating and Manipulating Objects (Prims)
  • Object Permissions

Class 4: Advanced Building Techniques

  • Using Building Tools: Scale, Rotate, and Move
  • Aligning and Snapping Objects
  • Linking and Delinking Prims

Class 5: Texturing and Coloring

  • Introduction to Textures and Coloring in OpenSimulator
  • Applying Textures and Colors to Objects
  • Modifying Textures: Scaling, Rotating, and Offset

Class 6: Lighting and Visual Effects

  • Introduction to Light and Shadows
  • Creating and Manipulating Light Sources
  • Using Visual Effects: Particle Systems and Material Effects

Class 7: Sculpted Prims and Meshes

  • Understanding Sculpted Prims and Mesh
  • Creating and Modifying Sculpted Prims
  • Importing and Using Mesh Models

Class 8: Scripting Basics

  • Introduction to Scripting in OpenSimulator (Linden Scripting Language)
  • Implementing Basic Scripts: Touch, Sit, Sound
  • Debugging Scripts in OpenSimulator

Class 9: Advanced Scripting

  • Creating Interactive Objects: Doors, Elevators, Teleporters
  • Using Sensors and Listeners
  • State Machines and Events

Class 10: Terrain and Environmental Design

  • Understanding and Modifying Terrain in OpenSimulator
  • Designing and Creating Landscapes
  • Using Environmental Settings for Atmospheric Effects

Class 11: Avatars and Animations

  • Understanding Avatars in OpenSimulator
  • Creating and Modifying Avatars
  • Understanding and Implementing Animations

Class 12: Final Project and Overview

  • Students Begin Final Projects: Designing and Building Their Own Simulated Environment
  • Overview of Course and Open Discussion
  • Showcasing and Reviewing Final Projects
  • Conclusion and Further Learning Resources