Metaverse-5 Fair &  Expo
Grand Opening August 27, 2022 

Buy NFT Parcels and More

Own a Piece of the Metaverse! Create Your Own Self-Governing Micro-Community in the Metaverse Now!

Come and join us by purchasing your own piece of the metaverse (NFT Parcel) on which you will have your own home/business, gallery, etc.

From your NFT Parcel in Metaverse-5, you can turn your creations into NFTs which can be then sold in your “in-world” metaverse store, gallery, office, etc.! Your NFTs can also be sold in your “out-world” website marketplace store.

Also, your customers can buy your NFTs using a regular debit/credit card and do not have to buy cryptocurrency first in order to buy your NFTs. There are many more utilities that come with your NFT Parcel (see below).

Purchase an NFT Parcel

We have currently two communities to choose from:

1. The “Mainland 1 Community”

2. The “Executive Row 1” Community

Buy an NFT Parcel in Metaverse-5. Buy on the Metaverse-5 mainland as an individual, you can buy an NFT Parcel in a Metaverse-5 Micro-community, or create your own micro-community in Metaverse-5 (all you need is 10 people!)

Metaverse-5 NFT Parcel Utilities

  1. Ownership of a piece of the Metaverse
  2. Investment
  3. Affiliate Program
  4. Passive Income
  5. Mint and sell your own NFTs in our marketplace!
  6. Customers can purchase your NFTs with any credit/debit card, Paypal, etc. No need to buy cryptocurrency!
  7. Ground Floor Front Row to the Metaverse
  8. Community Creation
  9. Events
  10. Governance
  11. Avoid pandemic shutdowns, closures, quarantines
  12. Free social interaction with others, no social distancing, masks, or other social restrictions
  13. Become a content creator in the metaverse and its virtual economy
  14. On your NFT Parcels, you can create; stores, offices, classrooms, businesses, art galleries, theaters, agencies, organizations, lounges, venues, meditation rooms, and more!
  15. Build your own micro-community in the metaverse!
  16. Network with other
  17. Learn about blockchain, crypto, NFTs, web3, etc
  18. Participate in joint ventures
  19. Advance private notifications of Metaverse-5 NFT drops before the public

Parcel Map

Get Yours Now, They’re Selling Out Quick!!!

“Mainland 1”

NFT Parcels for Sale

“Executive Row 1”

NFT Parcels for Sale

Executive Row will become a known location filled with an array of CEOs with thriving businesses to serve our community!
There will be an online network collective DIRECTORY (to come) that showcases all the types of businesses and your hours of operation.  You will have the ability to share your website and add a description of your products & services.  There will be a monthly eNewsletter to spotlight CEO businesses with the premise that we all use the 1st floor to conduct commerce and the 2nd level may be optioned to do what works for you (more business space or residential)!  

Ideas are welcomed by sharing with 
Pamela McKinney @ or (470) 385-8820
I look forward to building a great community in support of CEOs 


You can purchase a whole community with 25 NFT Parcels for the discounted price of $9,000 (get 7 NFT Parcels FREE!) 6 month payment plans are available! 

Contact us at

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