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Step 2: Avatar Registration

Avatar Registration in 3 Easy Steps!


Basic Requirements:

  • Windows or Mac device
  • 4+ GB Ram (recommended)
  • 50+ GB Memory (recommended)
  • Headset with mic (recommended)
  • Mouse with middle wheel or button (recommended)

Step 1: Register for an Account & Avatar

for a Metaverse-5 virtual world account here: HERE

Step 2: Download & Install the Viewer



NOTE: If you never downloaded third party on your before, both Windows and Mac will try to stop you. You must enable Windows and Mac to download and install third party software. For help go here:

Windows: https://support.clio.com/hc/en-us/articles/360057384334-How-to-Allow-Windows-10-to-Download-and-Install-Third-Party-Apps-on-Your-Computer-

Mac: https://support.clio.com/hc/en-us/articles/360048113074-How-to-Allow-Apps-From-a-Third-Party-to-be-installed-on-a-Mac

Step 3: Configure the Viewer & Login

Open the viewer
that you installed and press “Viewer” in the upper left corner, then press “Preferences

Then press “Opensim

Copy the following “

Then paste it in where it says “Add new grid “, then press “Apply

Once “Metaverse-5 “appears and the other lines are filled in,  then press “OK

You are now ready to log in!


Username: Type your first name, then 1 space, and then your last name. Use the first and last name from your registration!

Type the password you input when you registered.

Set to “Welcome

Press “Login” and wait for everything to process.

NOTE: FREE Accounts (General Public) can login anytime during the Fair & Expo  – Saturday & Sunday 12 NOON EST – 9 PM EST

Vendor/Exhibitor Accounts can login during the Fair & Expo  – Saturday & Sunday 12 NOON EST – 9 PM EST, as well as every Wednesday between 3 PM EST – 9 PM EST to attend the LIVE! Metaverse Technology Class as well as work on their vending space, content creators, and meet/network/strategize with other vendors and members,

Resident  / Content Creator Accounts can log into Metaverse anytime 24/7 (except during onboard maintenance).

Need Help?



If you have any problems or stuck at any of the above steps, come to our LIVE! “Onboarding Help” Every Monday at 7 PM EST – 8 PM EST, here: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/4433729822



At this point, you can view tutorials now or after you log into Metaverse-5. These tutorials will give you all the basics you need to know to operate in Metaverse-5. These tutorial are constantly updated and added to!

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