Platform 5: Future & New Technologies

Platform 5: Future & New Technologies

Future & New Technologies Platform

The Vision: Technology is a Tool that Can be Used for Good or Bad Depending on the Motivating Energy Using it!

Technology can be used for good or bad. We have a postive outlook on life in Metaverse-5 and we plan to use and re-purpose the latest technologies for the benefit and uplifting of humanity.

In Metaverse-5 we are constantly looking for ways to use the latest technologies, such as; A.I., Blockchain, VR, AR, Web 3, and much more Technologies in new and exiting ways.

I this platform we plan to teach classes, courses, workshops, as well as host meetings, forums, exhibits, etc., related to the latest and most advanced technologies. We are looking for teachers and presenters, as well as good old-fashioned technology and gadget geeks to join us on this platform!

If You Are Interested in Teaching, Presenting or Forming a Technology Club, Contact Us!

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