Platform 3: Education & Learning

Platform 3: Education & Learning

Education & Learning Platform

The Vision: 
Make Education Fun Again!

In order to make students motivated and enthusiastic about learning, we have created a metaverse learning model that combines the metaverse, a LMS (Learning Management System), and gamification of education!

By having the metaverse as the backdrop, this creates excitement and curiosity in students. Students can be transplanted in a different environment where almost anything is possible!

Our integrated LMS (Learning Management System) allows teachers and educators to manage their classes from A-Z. With this LMS anywhere from 20-1,000 students can be taught in Metaverse-5 simultaneously and in real-time! Each student can even have their own dorm room in our 4-region university campus.

We have also integrated into this Metaverse-5 Learning System a gamification feature and capability that allows teachers and educators to gamify their teaching.

Gamification of education is the use of gaming principles and elements in education. This has been proven through many studies and much research to improve students motivation, engagement, and enjoyment of education.

As part of our gamification of education, we have created an Metaverse-5 Arcade that teachers can use as a reward for students who acquire enough points in the gamification system. Since all the children would love to go on a virtual class trip to the Metaverse-5 Arcade to have fun, this gives teachers and educators leverage to encourage and get their students to do their work!

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