Platform 2: Business & Economic Platform

Platform 2: Business & Economic Platform

Economic & Business Platform

The Vision: The Metaverse Opens New Economic Opportunities and  Ways of Doing Business

These days,  the average person will abruptly wake up from a good sleep, gooble down breakfast, rush to work, commute to work during rush hour, punch a clock, and then start a stressful day.

Now visualize a world where you wake up after a good sleep, take a relaxing hot bath while sipping tea, eat a good breakfast, meditate, and then log into Metaverse-5 to open your store, or office, art gallery, movie theater, classroom, inside of Metaverse-5 City. Your day in the world of Metaverse-5 has begun!

Once inside you can meet with your customers, talk to them, show them the latest products or services, hold meetings with people from around the world, collaborate, transact real business, in real-time, with real money, and so much more!

FREE! Rent for a Store, Office, Studio, 
for 1 Year for the 1st 100 People!

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