World Fair & International Expo 2022

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Fair & Expo 2022 Events

Events Calendar FREE! General Admission Every Weekend!  The Metaverse-5 World Fair & International Expo 2022 is the first World Fair & International Expo ever held in the metaverse! This fair

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Vendors & Exhibitors Wanted!

Vendors & Exhibitors Wanted! We welcome and invite vendors and exhibitors to set up booths, kiosks, tables, and displays to sell and promote their products and services.  Exhibitors are those

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Rent Homes & More

Rent a Piece of the Metaverse! We have currently two communities to choose from: 1. The “Mainland 1 Community” 2. The “Executive Row 1” Community Parcel Map “Mainland 1” Parcels

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Buy NFT Parcels and More

Own a Piece of the Metaverse! Create Your Own Self-Governing Micro-Community in the Metaverse Now! Come and join us by purchasing your own piece of the metaverse (NFT Parcel) on

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Rent Billboards, Ads & Displays

Automated Billboards &  Deluxe Displays We also rent our proprietary billboards and displays which also function as automated vending machines that can sell your products and services even if you

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Looking for….

Clubs, Groups, Organizations, Networks Co-ops Clubs, groups, organizations, religions, associations, etc may utilize many of our facilities for private use and meetings for only $25 for the weekend (up 4

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Fair & Expo 2022 Events

Every Weekend! FREE General Admission!

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