Welcome to Metaverse-5!

Welcome to Metaverse-5!

Welcome to Metaverse-5

Benefits & Features

Our New Metaverse-5 City

We just launched our newly created Metaverse-5 City on March 21, 2023. This city will be a place for businesses, content creators, artists, teachers, to flourish!

Content Creator Feed Screens

Content creators will be able to create their own feeds on large screens to continually show their content feeds 24/7. You can even stream ive to a big screen!

Social Networking Platform​

Metaverse-5 City has social networking and interaction at the top of it's mission. From groups, clubs, post and social media feeds right inside Metaverse-5 City!


Upcoming Events and Activities​

We plan to have a variety of events every week for all ages! . If you have any ideas for an event, or would like to do an event. let us know and we will help you!

Venues for Rent & Use Cases​

We have many venues in Metaverse-5 that can be rented out to be used for a wide variety of events & activities. We can customize to your needs!

M5 Online Mall & NFT Marketplace​

Become a vendor in our marketplace on the website marketplace as well as the marketplace inside the metaverse. Even if you don't have a business!

Performances Concerts, & Entertainment

We ghave a large concert and performance region which will stream concerts, performances, lectures, etc.. This concert region can also be rented as a venue!

Socializing, Groups, & Clubs

Form a group or club and meet in our many facilities, rooms, etc. We also have cafes and lounges where you can just hang out, listen to music and socialize!

Peace, Solitude & Privacy

In your homes you have peace and privacy. We have meditstion rooms where you can sit and peacefully meditate. We also have parks and vaious place to enjoy peace!

Build, Create, Buy & Sell in Metaverse-5

Become a Metaverse-5 content builder and seller by taking our content creator classes and workshops. Learn how to build and sell in our virtual economy!

Avoid Shutdowns Lockdowns Disruptions

Establish yourself, your business, and community so that if there is another mass shutdown you can still socialize and continue to transact business, etc.!

University Campus​ & Academies

We have a large 4-Region University & Conference Campus. Many building and areas for classes, meetings, conferences, etc. The campus is beautifully landscaped!

Create & Sell NFTs in Our Marketplace

Create your own NFTs and sell them right in Metaverse-5! Artists. Music Producers, Content Creators, Businesses, Influences, etc. create NFTs for you client base!

Create Your Own Micro-Communities​

If you are an influencer and can get 10 or more of your followers, we will give you your own community in Metaverse-5 as well as $1,000 for every 10 you recruit!

LMS (Learning Management System)

If you are a teacher, trainer educator, leader, etc., we have a LMS *learning management system) integrated into Metaverse-5 you can use as a teaching tool!

Our New
Metaverse-5 City

Below are various places you can teleport instantly within Metaverse-5 with just the press of a button!

Rent or Buy (NFT) stores, offices, homes, classes, venues. Enjoy entertainment, hang out, socially interact, attend movies, classes, art galleries, concerts and more. Build Your own self-governing communities. Content creators and influencers can create their own communities made up of their followers, and more!

Contact us to participate, collaborate or if you have any awesome ideas!

Indoor Mall & Activity Center

The Mainland Community

Executive Row Community

Art Park 1

Art Park 2

Outdoor Mall 1

Outdoor Mall 2

Outdoor Mall 3

Outdoor Mall 4

Member Center

Business Center

Academy Dorms

Orientation Module

Conference Center

Technology Building

Recreation Area



Meeting Building

Creator Center

Education Center

Scenic Overlook

Main Lounge


Luxury Yacht

Roller Skating

Ice Skating

Lounge 1

Lounge 2

Lounge 3

Football Field

Scenic Campfire

Tour Region